EGR Valve FAQs

Q. How will replacing the original EGR system with yours effect performance?

A. You should see an improvement in performance and low RPM throttle response, particularly if the original was faulty, leaking or blocked. Fuel consumption should be improved and smoke emission reduced.

Q. If I fit your EGR delete will an ECU warning light show?

A. Generally if you have a mechanical (vacuum controlled) EGR valve an ECU dash warning light will not show. With regard to later models (around 2004 onwards) with electronic EGR valves yes it will register an ECU dash light. Don't worry though as almost all engine mappers can now delete the EGR function from an ECU.

Q. Why should I buy an Allard Kit over a Competitors Kit?

A. Allard products are always tested before public purchase.
    Allard are a well established British company who supply professional parts to Worldwide Automotive Industries.
    Allard strive to supply high quality products at competitive prices.

Q. Where can I find my Engine Code?

A. In most cases your car model and engine codes can be found on a sticker on either the cam belt cover or in the boot.